Other Recordings

As a co-leader

Heikki Koskinen & Steve Heckman Taysikuu-Full Moon (Music Vision, 2007)

Heikki (Mike) Koskinen: Piano, Tenor Recorder, Kbd Bass, Accordion, Percussion; Composition; Steve Heckman: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute, Alto Flute

This duo project features Steve and Finnish pianist/trumpeter/composer Heikki Koskinen performing traditional Finnish folk tunes merged with jazz and Latin rhythms.

[Includes: Matalan Torpan Balladi-The Ballad of the Low Croft (trad Finnish); Kyla Vuotti Uutta Kuuta-the Village Waited for the New Moon (trad Finnish); Oi Dai (trad Finnish); Tausikuu-Full Moon (Toivo Karki); Kaleva Melody(trad Finnish); Sulle Salaisuuden Kertoa Ma Voisin-I Could Tell You a Secret (George de Godzinsky); Ranskalaiset Korot-French Heels (Erik Lindstrom); Midnight Sun (Heikki Koskinen); Iltatunnelma-Eventide (Toivo Kuula); Eu Esperu-I Hope (Steve Heckman); Karjalan Kunnaila-Hills of Karelia (trad Finnish); Jag Sai I Oster-I Saw in the East (Ale Moller); Reppurin Laulu-Vagabond’s Song (Oskar Merikanto); Hipster’s Hymn (Heikki Koskinen)].

Available through: www.cdbaby.com


The San Francisco Chamber Jazz Quartet: Portfolio: SFCJQ Live (Music Wizards, 2014)

Gini Wilson: Piano, composer; Steve Heckman: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Native American Flute, Clarinet, composer; Pat Klobas: Bass, composer; Ron Marabuto: Drums; Jackie Ryan, Vocals on track 5; Badr Karram: Dumbek on track 7.

The San Francisco Chamber Jazz Quartet featuring a combination of live performances at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA and the San Jose Jazz Festival, with several studio recordings done at Fantasy Studios in Berkley, CA.

[Includes: Tango Oscura (Steve Heckman); Satie in the Sahara (Eric Satie/Gini Wilson);
High Prairie (Gini Wilson); Morning Song of a Falcon (Gini Wilson); Un Amour Un Poco Tragico (Gini Wilson); Promenade (Mussorgsky) /Mussorgsky in Marrakesh (Mussorgsky arr. Gini Wilson); Maybe (Steve Heckman); Blue Orleans (Gini Wilson); Four (Miles Davis); Tango D’Amour Perdu (Steve Heckman)].

“Effortlessly and beautifully blending the realms of jazz and classical” –Ken Hohman, All About Jazz.

As a featured soloist

Heikki Koskinen & Northern Winds and Voices (Edgetone Records, 2016)

Heikki (Mike) Koskinen: Piano, Flutes, Kantele, Composition; Kati Pienimaki Schenker-Vocals, Kantele, Percussion; Steve Heckman: Tenor Saxophone, Bb & Bass Clarinets, Flute, Alto, Bass & Wood Flutes; Rent Romus: Alto Saxophone, Flutes, Kantele, Percussion; Noah Shanker, Bass.

This project is a continuation of Heikki Koskinen’s exploration of traditional Finnish music performed in a quintet setting utilizing both modern as well as traditional instruments and voices.

[Includes: Velkutus (Koskinen); Kalevala Prelude (Koskinen); Kotimaani Onko Suomi-My Homeland, is it Finland? (trad); Maanituslaulu 1 (Koskinen); Songs My Mother Taught Me (trad)/Charles Ives); Wall-nuts 1 (NW&V free improvisation); Vilu-Cold (Koskinen); Niin Kauan Mina Tramppaan-As Long Shall I Walk (trad); Wall-nuts 2 (NW&V-free improvis-ation);Tuoll’ On Mun Kultani-Yonder is My Darling (trad/Kanteletar); Pieni Sydan-Small-Heart (Walter Rae); Maanituslaulu 2 (Koskinen); Aamulla Varhain-Early in the Morning (trad); Vaaputus (NW&V); Maanituslaulu 3 (Koskinen); Kukerrus (NW&V free improvisation); Paljakka-Top of the Fell (NW&V free improvisation); Songs My Mother Taught Me (trad)/Charles Ives-alternate take); Aamulla Varhain-Early in the Morning-alternate take (trad)]


Gerald Beckett: The Messenger (Summit Records DCD628, 2014)

Steve is featured playing tenor saxophone on 2 selections on another album of Hubert Laws-inspired flutist Gerald Beckett, including tunes by Lee Morgan, Duke Pearson, Sam Jones, Bud Powell, Alan Pasqua,Wayne Shorter, Gerald Beckett, Kenneth Hawkins, Steve McQuarry, and Sharman Duran. Steve is featured on extended solos on Lee Morgan’s “Anticlimax” as well as Alan Pasqua’s “Mr. Softee.” Also featuring excellent work by San Francisco Bay Area musicians Ruben Salcido on alto sax, Steve McQuarry on piano, Gary Zellerbach on guitars, Ollie Dudek on bass, Greg German on drums, and Bill Keaney on percussion.

Available through: www.summitrecords.com